Elite Recycling and Disposal 

We make recycling easy for Pagosa Springs!

​What time should I have my cart out for pickup? 

We start our residential routes at 8am. 

Does the trash that goes into my cart need to be bagged?

​No, but we will say it is much nicer if bagged.

Can I purchase just recycling with out trash services from Elite?

Yes, depending on your location.  Call at 970.731.2012 to check if we can service your address for recycle only.

Do I have to sort my recyclables into bags?

No you do not have to sort, our program is a single stream or co-mingled program so everything goes into the cart mixed together. 

Do we accept glass for recycling?  No - There are no nearby facilities available for glass recycling.

Where do you take the material you collect?

The garbage goes to the Archuleta County Landfill. The recycling is taken to the Phoenix Recycling Center near Durango, Colorado.

What if I go on vacation for the season, can I put my service on hold? 

Yes, just call us at 970.731.2012 or email us at info@pagosarecycles.com and we can put your service on hold. You can store your cart and simply set it out when you get back and we will resume service. You do not get charged while your service is on hold. 


My trash was not picked up.

Call us at 970.731.2012 or email us at info@pagosarecycles.com and we will make this right.  

Can I pay my bill online with a credit card or EFT? Can you email my bill? 

Yes, Yes, & Yes.  We have online bill pay, we have auto pay, and we can email your bill. 

Do you charge extra fees? Like fuel surcharges or set up fees? 

No, the prices posted here are the ones you pay. We do not charge all the fees.