Recycling Tips  

- PLASTIC FILM  such as saran wrap, packaging film, or plastic grocery sacks are not accepted materials in our program.  Please do not put these items in your recycle cart.  City Market and Walmart accept the plastic grocery sacks for recycling.  

- PLEASE do not bag your recycling.

- NO GLASS ACCEPTED as of August 1, 2018.  We have discontinued our glass recycling as there is no longer a recycling option for glass in this general area of Colorado. 


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​No service 11/22/18 Thanksgiving day

Thursday trash customers will be picked up on Friday, Nov 23, 2018 and Friday Recycle Customers will be picked up Saturday Nov 24, 2018. 

Elite Recycling and Disposal

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Welcome to Elite Recycling and Disposal, where we have made recycling easy! Single-stream, curbside collection-all the material goes into one container. No separating, no bags, no more having to go somewhere on your lunch break.

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